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5 must-know tools for creating user flows with great UX

There are 5 must know tools for creating user flows with very great UX. These tools will make your journey very simple. A user flow is a path that a user travels. It goes from the entry point to the end goal. This is done in order to complete a task within a user interface. The entry point could be the home page of your site and the end goal could be purchasing your product.

Key Takeaways:

There are many different user flows, including paid advertising, social media, email, searches, and emails.

Use a mapping tool like Timblee to create a diagram to help understand the user flow for beginners.

User flows should be targeted to different user groups, rather than having one set flow, separating groups will help attract each user separately and independently.

“Optimizing your user flow and conversion funnel will improve your site’s success rate because it will enable users to accomplish their tasks – i.e. convert – as efficiently as possible.”

Read more: https://www.justinmind.com/blog/5-must-know-tools-for-creating-user-flows-with-great-ux/

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