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Countdown to Launch: How to Come Up with Great Testing Ideas

Website marketing professionals might be interested in reading about how to set up and publish a new landing page or home site for a company's website. Various ways are suggested to analyze the launch. Try to measure the effectiveness of a new site, or setting up hypotheses. Check the value your site offers to a viewer, and whether it has an effective call for an action. Various graphics are included.

Key Takeaways:

Whether you are working on a landing page or the homepage of your website, you may be asking yourself, “Why aren't people converting? What elements are helping or hurting my user experience?”

When it comes to website or landing page design, there are dozens — if not hundreds — of potential elements to test.

To get a potential customer to convert, your CTA, content and value proposition have to overcome any diversions, anxiety or responsiveness issues on your site.

“By the time you finish your launch analysis, you should have tons of testing ideas to try.”

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