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Doorway Page Alternatives. How Google “Forces” You to Use BlackHat SEO Techniques

Google is under a lot of scrutinies lately for its decisions. They might be forcing web design teams to use black hat SEO techniques. This has sparked a new debate and people have followed along with that trend over time. Doorway page alternatives will encourage Google to take interest in these services. The search engine site will be a significant factor in the future too. There are relevant concepts that web designers need to know over time.

Key Takeaways:

Google bans doorway pages, but they are sometimes necessary for webmasters.

Webmasters need to create multiple, similar pages, but fear that Google’s algorithms will see them as doorway pages and penalize the entire website for that.

Doorways are specifically created to generate high ranks during specific queries.


“If you call them essay pages, landing pages, or if you build structures and links to them, they are still within the patterns of what Google describes as a doorway page.”

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