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How to Create Profitable Facebook Targeting Audiences

There is a way to make a very profitable Facebook that targets audiences. There are three different kinds of audiences that you can work with when you are using Facebook as a place of advertising. There are saved audiences, custom audiences and also lookalike audiences. Saved audiences will help you out with targeting specific interests as well as behaviors and income levels. Custom audiences are people that are already familiar with your business and these people can be on your customer list.

Key Takeaways:

Creating custom audiences for your Facebook ads, you can become much more effective.

You must meet certain criteria for some custom audiences, such as video views and page likes.

Facebook creates a lookalike audience so that your cold market, is essentially warm!

“When you create a lookalike, Facebook takes your source custom audience and maps hundreds of thousands of people and millions of data points using an algorithm to find new people who share the same characteristics as your source audience.”

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