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HTML to WordPress Theme Tutorial: Step 2 – Creating Theme Template Files

A simple tutorial is provided to help HTML to WordPress conversions. Creating the theme is more helpful than ever before for many. A simple tutorial is all that is needed to get the work started anew. The template files can be submitted to keep people interested in the project. HTML to WordPress theme is easier than ever before for those in the know. It takes just a few simple steps to complete the project in time.

Key Takeaways:

Converting simple HTML is easier than many people would have expected before now. WordPress is a valuable option and people are following with great interest.

Theme template files are useful to have stored away as is needed. Split up the multiple files and put them in place whenever they are needed.

Learn the basics of a WordPress theme guideline to put in to effect as well. Different types of content can be generated for those that want to see it too.

“In this second part your file will start to look more like a proper theme – you’ll split it up into multiple files and start creating template files for different types of content.”

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