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Important things to consider when choosing a WordPress Theme

When you get on WordPress you want to choose a theme. This will make your blog more eye catching. It will help you get attention for what you write. This will also help you choose a good theme. It is good advice if you want to be widely read. People can also choose to share your posts which will get even more attention, and they are more likely to if the theme is good.

Key Takeaways:

No matter what you're writing about, themes jumpstart the design of your blog.

Free themes let you try some looks out, but premium themes can provide extra features if you choose carefully.

Whatever theme you select, remember to prioritize both security of your site and responsiveness to users.

“Many free themes are given away by premium developers (like from the ones listed). They’re usually not as feature-packed as the premium themes, but you at least get them from great companies with some customer support.”

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