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Reputation Management SEO: How to Own Your Branded Keywords in Google – Whiteboard Friday

In this digital age, you need to rely on search engines to bring in new customers. You need to have both a high ranking as well as good reviews to engage new customers. Using SEO, you can change your rankings as well as get rid of unfounded bad reviews. There are several ways you can do this but it will take some effort without just giving up and starting a new domain name. Some tactics may even require legal action but is worth the effort.

Key Takeaways:

Google experience their first touch before they ever get to your site, their first experience with your brand is through Google's search result page.

The biggest thing is links are still a big influencer of a lot of the content that you see here.

Creating your own content is huge, it brings in people and shows that you are knowledgable.

“Leverage some platforms that rank well and influence SERP features.”

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