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How to Setup Live Chat on WordPress

Customer service issues can be handled in many ways including over the phone and social media. The problem is, most of the traditional methods have some drawbacks. Live Chat has emerged as one of the best ways to deal with customer service and most customers are left happier after using this method. If you have WordPress, you can start using this technology for your service issues. You'll need to pick the plugin that works best for you as well as have a good staff ready, once you are up and running.

Key Takeaways:

Live chat is necessary in our modern world as customers like multitask and work while shopping.

Start with an appropriate plugin, be it one all ready to go from WordPress or another service.

Once set in, the plugin should do its own thing and you only need to have the staff ready to chat.

“Good customer service leads to sales, with 38% of customers saying that they made a purchase as a result of a live chat session.”

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