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Sliders are bad for your credit union website design

For the webmasters or website owners who want to improve customer experiences on their platform, they need to pay attention to the fact that sliders are very unpopular. Carousels and sliders can detract from customer experience for Credit Union or Bank Customers who just went to the site to accomplish their task. They don't want excessive advertising even if it is products that might apply to them. They often will click on the first link in the set of links in the slider which defeats the whole purpose of stacking information in that format. Sliders confuse customers instead of adding value.

Key Takeaways:

The sliders are not appreciated by the users and they prefer not to see them.

Sliders are preferred when showing different features of the products.

What matters to members is offering them a long-term competitive advantage.

“ADA compliance is a growing concern for credit unions and sliders.”

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