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Social media is more important than ever for small business owners. 

There are many ways it benefits small businesses. A social media presence helps you get discovered, communicate with customers, share your personal story, and more. Entire brands and personalities have exploded onto the scene thanks entirely to social media. It’s safe to say, a well-run social media campaign could be solely responsible for making your business a success. 

Thankfully, even with the power and reach of social media, you can still enjoy most of the benefits without having to spend anything. With a few tweaks to your social media accounts and paying attention to best practices, you can start gaining new followers in no time. 

However, despite the power and reach of social media, many small businesses neglect to post enough to build momentum on their social platforms. Not knowing what to post is frequently listed as one of the most significant reasons people fail to keep up with their social media schedules. 

With most studies recommending that you post at least twice a day to various platforms, that’s a lot of ideas to come up with over the course of a year. If you only offer a couple of products or services, you might think there’s not much you can say before you start repeating yourself. 

Often, we get stuck or fixated on a few post ideas that we’re most familiar with. But there are so many ways we can post beyond a product picture or sales update. 

So, without further ado, here’s our 101 guide to social media content ideas to help you get started. And when we say 101 guide, we mean it. 101 ideas to kick start your content marketing planning and get your social media accounts drawing in new followers and increasing traffic. 

Celebrate your community

  1. Welcome new followers and thank them for joining
  2. Give a shoutout to your top fan or top 10 fans
  3. Celebrate milestones of followers 10, 100, 1,000, 1,000,000
  4. Share a testimonial from a proud supporter of your business
  5. Give back to your loyal followers with a gift or promotion
  6. Make a VIP group and choose a random person each week to receive some type of bonus, promotion, or freebie


Cross-promote your content

  1. Share social media content with your email list
  2. Share a popular post from Instagram on your Facebook page
  3. Break a post up into sections with parts on each of your different platforms
  4. Re-use content from one platform on another platform
  5. Ask for followers to join you on other platforms and offer to follow them back for their support


How-to Content

  1. Share a step-by-step guide on how to use your most popular product or service
  2. Share a how-to guide on using your website, customer service, etc. 
  3. Share a how-to guide on a new use for your product or service that your audience wouldn’t expect


Days of the Week posts

  1. Motivational Monday
  2. Tip Tuesday
  3. Wisdom Wednesday
  4. Throwback Thursday
  5. Freebie Friday
  6. Saturday Special
  7. Sunday Funday


Ask Questions

  1. Ask your audience for their favorite books, courses, et. that are related to your business or industry
  2. Ask questions about frustrations customers have within your industry
  3. Ask for something your audience would like to see covered in a live video
  4. Ask your audience what types of posts they’d like to see more of from you
  5. Ask your audience what their biggest issue or struggle is that your business could solve


Challenge your audience

  1. Challenge audience members to like, comment, or share for 30 days straight
  2. Create a challenge within your niche (for example, if you were in weight loss, you can have a 30 days weight loss challenge)
  3. Challenge your audience to write down 3 goals and achieve at least one a week
  4. Ask your audience for a challenge they’d like to tackle and then support them by running this challenge


Freebies and Giveaways

  1. Giveaway a product or service voucher to your biggest social media fan
  2. Create a freebie related to a product or service your audience struggles with
  3. Host a giveaway for a BIG product or service offering, but tie it behind rules like they have to like, comment, and share a post or video
  4. Giveaway a 15-minute call where you will help them directly with an issue or offer free consultation
  5. Create and give away an E-book (lead magnet) that you provide in exchange for their email address


Brag about yourself

  1. Create an ask me anything post and answer your audience’s questions
  2. Share your vision for the future of your business
  3. Share a trip your planning next
  4. Talk about what your business stands for or a cause that’s meaningful to you
  5. Talk about your favorite destinations and what they’ve taught you and how they’ve influenced your product or service
  6. Share the origin story of your business
  7. Share your favorite motivational quote or speaker
  8. Share a photo of your younger self and talk about what you’ve learned in life and how you got to where you are today


Blog Posts

  1. Share a high-performing blog post on your social media
  2. Re-share older blog posts
  3. Share a helpful blog post from someone else and talk about what you learned from it or why it was meaningful to you
  4. Share a guest post and explain what you learned


Product or Service Posts

  1. Create a video showing how to get the maximum effective use from your product or service
  2. Answer the most commonly asked questions about your product or service
  3. Share a sneak peek of something you’re working on and will release soon


Poll your audience

  1. Create a Facebook Poll in your Live Video (ask something specific)
  2. Create a Facebook Poll on your profile or page
  3. Create a poll in your Facebook Stories
  4. Create a poll in your Instagram Stories


Content related to your business

  1. Give away coupon codes
  2. Talk about a product or service that’s on sale or highlighted for some reason
  3. Discuss a favorite feature of your top product or service
  4. Promote a new product or service
  5. Talk about the hidden benefits of a product or service that your customers might not think of
  6. Promote a one-day-only flash sale


Story content

  1. Share a testimonial from a customer
  2. Share someone else’s inspiring story
  3. Talk about how your product or service has helped someone or the community
  4. Make videos about business events 
  5. Share behind-the-scenes photos or videos that show the people and processes behind what you’re doing
  6. Tell a funny story about something in your business related to a product or service
  7. Share a struggle you’ve had and you overcame it
  8. Share the story of how you got to where you are today and why you have your personal mission



  1. Share a funny quote related to your niche or industry
  2. Share an inspirational quote that helped you in a meaningful way
  3. Share a quote with graphics and ask your audience for their favorite quotes
  4. Ask for feedback from your audience over a favorite or controversial quote within your industry


Video content

  1. Host an ask me anything video
  2. Upload a short behind-the-scenes video
  3. Interview a leader in your company
  4. Interview someone in your company with a unique viewpoint or struggle that might usually get overlooked (for example, here’s Ted from packaging and his story). 
  5. Create a helpful tip video
  6. Host a live giveaway session
  7. Go live and talk to your audience and solicit feedback and questions
  8. Host a webinar with other industry professionals


Life tips

  1. Talk about your morning routine
  2. Share your three most inspirational books and what you learned from them
  3. Talk about your favorite leaders and why you look up to them
  4. Share a group that has helped you with time management
  5. Explain how you prepare for each week
  6. Share tips from your day-to-day activities
  7. Share the top apps that help you stay productive that you couldn't work without


Top tools and resources

  1. Talk about the tools that help you best manage your time
  2. Share the resources that helped you grow your business
  3. Share the tops apps that you use for specific results
  4. Talk about the tools you use to create the content you share


Increase Engagement

  1. Share the latest developments in your niche or industry
  2. Talk about an upcoming event you’ll be hosting
  3. Share some statistics from your niche or industry that show future trends
  4. Share something your audience would never know about you
  5. Create a “fill-in-the-blank” post
  6. Create a guess the right answer post
  7. Share your favorite podcasts and ask your audience to recommend their favorites
  8. Share case studies
  9. Create a “ay in the life of” post
  10. Share infographics related to your niche or industry


Hopefully, that should be more than enough to help you get started!

While some of the tips might overlap others, that’s OK. The point is to help you find the nuances in the types of posts you can create. You can always take one idea and run it through the 5-w’s and get completely different ideas. What is a product, why this product, where you can find this product…etc. 

Social media marketing should be part of any small business’ SEO marketing strategy. If you haven’t already started, you’re potentially missing out on many new opportunities and customers. 

It’s worth noting that social media marketing, like SEO, is normally not a quick-fix solution. You will need to stay active and consistent to experience the best results. 

If you worry you’ll run out of steam when your posts have lower engagement or that you’ll run out of ideas, we’re here to help. We can manage your SEO and social media marketing for you. Please contact us today if you need help with any of your digital marketing needs. 

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