Website Checklist: 15 Design Elements to Include on Your Homepage [Infographic]

New designers can create a well organized and captivating website for beginners if they have a magnificent company helping them. It is preferable to break down main tips and steps in what you find important for one to incorporate in a web page as well as the order in which it should be done. Visuals along with each step can make it easy for all different types of minds to really grasp the message they are portraying.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep a checklist of things to include in the design of your new website.
  • The logo needs to be creative and eye-catching, as it will likely be the first thing seen by website visitors.
  • The “hero shot” is the main image. It will be the largest, most prominent image on the website.

“You may love your logo, but making it larger, won't increase the impression it makes on your visitor.”

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