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How important is the design of my website?

We’re going to be honest with you, the design of your website is basically everything. Your website design not only gives a user quick insight into who you are, but it also attests to your credibility.

94% of people say web design is the reason they mistrust a website [Clique]

When a potential customer gets to your website do you want them to feel suspicious or comfortable? There are too many businesses out there for you to be leaving someone with a bad first impression. They're hard to come back from.

When people think of web designers, they usually think more along the lines of a graphic designer. Someone who will create amazing graphics and make your website look pretty. Yes, they will do that, but they do SO much more.

Web designers help create a flow to your website. They make sure that the smallest button is strategically placed so that it fits into the overall navigation. They ensure that visitors leave your site feeling great, not frustrated, all while staying on brand and consistent.

Simply put, websites that are designed by a professional, create a better experience for a user and convert at higher rates. When you are converting better, you see an increase in sales, clients, inquiries, etc. A web designer gives you the tools you need to ensure that your user experiences better.

Having a coherent, sharp, and functional website makes all the difference in telling your story and boosting your online presence as a small business or practice.

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