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Staging and Production Sites: What you need to know

What is a staging site?

staging site is a copy of your live site which allows you to try out changes, or new features without the pressure of “breaking” anything or messing anything up. As you can imagine, a staging site is really helpful when you’re going through a website renovation. It allows you to catch any bugs, or malfunctions before you go live.

What is a production (live) site?

Your production site is what's live on the internet for people to see. When you make changes, they will be live for people to see. There’s not much time to test for bugs or glitches.

What our Maintenance Plan Supports:

Depending on your website host, having a staging site and production site may cost you extra. Likewise,  if you have a separate environment (staging or development) to test updates, you will need to upgrade to our Enterprise Support plan. Our Enterprise Support plan includes connecting your site to a repository, controlled by Strategic, and informing you of the updating procedures.

If you only have a production site, that is covered under both the Premium and Premium + Support plans.

See your plans here.

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