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16 Best WordPress Plugins for Nonprofits

WordPress plugins are designed to help nonprofits save money and have a reliable plugin to help raise money, track donations and more. It has many options that can cover a range of nonprofits so that, large or small, they will be able to benefit from WordPress. There is a basic version at no cost to enable the nonprofit to accept donations, add forms and helps to integrate with other services and is great for beginners. There are also paid options which allow even more options. Everything from pop-ups to protection, many ways of reaching out to and communication with donors and others who may want to donate or get involved. It's important to learn about all the nonprofit website services available to keep your online presence at the top of the search engines!

Key Takeaways:

16 different WordPress plugins that will generate revenue for nonprofit organizations.

A lot of the plugins allow the website visitor to donate to the organization.

The plugins also allow optimization of the website such as putting tables on the WordPress website or viewing the number of visitors monthly.

“As a nonprofit, you need to create persuasive content with a call to action buttons strategically placed across your website.”

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