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What You Need to Know to Conduct an SEO Audit in WordPress

One service which remains sought-after website development is occasional SEO audits, ensuring the client's website remains competitive in the search rankings. SEO audits can be completed with easy steps. Testing the known performance and security against known SEO issues creates a great baseline. Verifying the domain configuration through the registrar is a good next step. Taking note to check the status of any SSL certificates and subdomains or redirects in place. Finally, take a look at the results.

Key Takeaways:

Tools built specifically for SEO optimization can be used. Both, free and paid versions exist for useful tools.

WP checkup will do an online scan to check for different SEO issues.

The domain needs to be reviewed and confirmed that it is on Whois lookup.

“Now what? Well, obviously it’s time to start working your magic for other clients in need of awesome WordPress sites.”

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