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WordPress SEO Checklist: Best Tips for 2017

There is an interesting WordPress SEO checklist for the year 2017. There are some people that have said SEO is dead and they find a lot of the techniques to be outdated and not worth using anymore. But, the question is whether, or not it is actually dead. The short answer to that question is no, it is not dead. SEO optimization is still there and you just need to address other concerns to get a better position on SERP.

Key Takeaways:

Pay attention to what is of greatest interest to your reader by monitoring site stats, tracking keywords, and browsing comment sections.

Content is important, but visuals are crucial and not to be ignored.

User-friendly, responsive sites are now mandatory for standard and mobile versions of your site.

“If you’re just starting with your blog, run a survey to find out what topics are of the highest interest to your visitors.”

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