Websites need to be re-evaluated periodically to ensure they are relevant and useful with the current technology. This periodic review should include common features such as font, buttons, or visual appeal. Visual appeal of a website can either drive business away or help people explore the website more. Reviewing and updating a website is especially important as new technology, such aS smart phones or tablets, are used more often to access a website. Features such as GIFs, music, fonts, or pictures can give a website an out-dated look which reflects on a business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Not Visible on Mobile Or Tablet is an important feature. With everyone going mobile most people use these devices as desktop sales decline.
  • Another key point is poor navigation. Navigation should be clearly defined and each hyperlink should work. You should have some main components such as contact and home.
  • You should also have no spelling and grammar mistakes. A visitor may leave your site because they feel like they can't follow your messages.

“People expect web pages to load within 3 seconds. Remove anything that is slowing you website down.”

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