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10 Essential Things That Can Make A Fresh Website Design

Web design changes from year to year, so in order to stay relevant and be appealing to your users, consider these tips for website design. Be sure to keep up with design trends to make your site look modern. Use simple designs with strong, readable print in an interesting and eye catching font. Make navigating your site simple and user friendly. Use real, good looking photos and relevant icons. Don't overcrowd the site with unnecessary elements like blog clips or word clouds.

Key Takeaways:

Start with some new typeface, to give yourself a bold new look and follow the trends of the day.

Speed is the name of the game. The faster you load the more people will interact with it.

Minimalism is key. Get rid of the clutter and make navigation that much easier.

“Custom animations and artwork can also work well but you need to avoid ones that look like cookie cutter templates.”

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