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15 Non-Profit & Charity Websites for Web Design Inspiration

There are some recommended ways to design a website for a charity. The templates and designs can help to choose a suitable website design for your non-profit to reach more people and collect larger donations much quickly. You can find professional volunteers to work on a variety of projects all over the country. If you’re wanting to stay local, try reaching out to your community foundation, United Way, or center for nonprofit management as they could help connect you with NPOs who could use your services. Non-profits can really benefit from web and design.

Key Takeaways:

Having an attractive website is a great way to help organize donation for charities.

A non-profit website can be used to explain how people can get involved and also show transparency for the cause.

You can convince the benefactor that the funds were put to good use for the charities.

“Raising money for a charity is a noble cause but if you have to manually collect donations, it can be time-consuming, not to mention you will gather donations at a much slower pace.”

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