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Incorporating Storytelling into Nonprofit Web Design

Marketers are attempting to get and keep the attention of consumers who are increasingly exposed to as many as 10,000 brand messages a day. More and more frequently, influencers and brands are using storytelling in an effort to create an emotional connection with their target base. Websites are an effective way to share a story, particularly for nonprofit organizations. Tips for an effective website include highlight the organization instead of the person, quickly present a conflict, describe the impact the organization has, and share how your nonprofit can efficiently address the problem. Nonprofit web design can be an effective tool for increasing their impact on the community.

Key Takeaways:

The average consumer deals with around 10000 brand messages a day online.

Markets are competing with each other a lot more now over the attention of consumers.

Nonprofit websites have to boil down problems that are very complex into something visitors can digest quickly.

“When websites have interactive elements, such as animation upon scrolling, it gives the viewer a sense of agency over the narrative.”

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