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Nonprofit Web Design: 6 User-Experience Best Practices

An effective non-profit website can be built by focusing on 6 key elements. Using a simple but powerful website builder will help you appeal to both tech-savvy and those lacking, efficiency. With the prevalence of mobile devices, it is crucial that your website design is optimized across various devices. The purpose for your non-profit is to raise money so making the method of acquiring donations must be easy, prevalent, and inviting. Pictures really are worth a thousand words, so integrate your words with effective, vibrant and cohesive photography and imagery. Recognize your donors prominently to help build loyalty. Keep your site fresh and alive by engaging your donors with news and social media interaction.

Key Takeaways:

Build a successful non-profit website by making sure the website has a visual impact.

It is important that all donors have a positive experience using the website so be sure that mobile devices are supported.

Enhance the experience for donors by using the website to inform, entertain, involve and thank your donors.

“This means that even though the number one activity for internet users is reading, it’s imperative that you design your website with visual readability in mind.”

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