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Engaging Stakeholders in Shaping Your Next Charity Event

Stakeholders are crucial to the growth of nonprofit organizations, and their role is important to you, as an organizer. These stakeholders are a person/group of people invest their money, while not necessarily holding a particular type of involvement in your organization. Recognize primary and secondary stakeholders and realize that they will bring forth useful knowledge and skills to your next charity event. Through this process, you will work with these stakeholders to flesh out your organization and shape your future event(s) with their cooperation and input, as they are an undeniably important asset to fundraising, among other tasks that will attribute to the growth of your organization.

Key Takeaways:

Getting feedback from your stakeholders allows you to realize what they want and make it happen.

Stakeholders are crucial to the success of a fundraising event so going that extra mile makes a big difference.

You want to make sure you identify the key stakeholders and classify them in tiers.

“Nonprofit stakeholders are vital to the development of a sustainable and profitable fundraising event. As an event organizer, they are an invaluable resource as you seek to improve your event and reach ever-higher fundraising goals and expectations.”

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