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18 WordPress Security Plugins & Tips To Secure Your Blog

If you are running a self-hosted blog, you should be using WordPress. However because of it's popularity, WordPress can be a common target for hackers. This article gives you 18 tips and security plug-ins that can keep your blog secure. Using these tools, you can secure your admin page, login, data base, internal file structure as well as help you protect your connection and do routine maintenance. This is a must read for a WordPress user.

Key Takeaways:

There are a few security plugin tips that can be taken seriously. Secure a blog in no time with the approach shown online.

WordPress is a great design tool that features a few plugins. These security plugins can be used online to great effect as well.

Protect files and restore updates to an original state with ease. The tools on WordPress are sure to appeal to the smart user.

“Without a doubt, for a self-hosted blog, WordPress is the best blog CMS that you can get.”

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