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3 Ways to Bring Emotion Into Your SEO Content Strategy to Build Brand Awareness and Trust

Emotion will play a surprisingly big role in any SEO content strategy. The goal is to build brand awareness among a customer base. Feelings are always trusted first among the general population typically. Express those feelings and thoughts, then wait for the community to show its support. That could guarantee success for any SEO content strategy on the way. Set a goal for trust exercises and meet them using the unique SEO content strategy being devised.

Key Takeaways:

People respond to emotions before they respond to content and often trust their emotions first. To get people to share your content, you must first make them feel something about it.

Happiness is the best emotions to use. People are more inclined to share content or a product if it make them feel happy. The more positive the message the more people it will reach.

Don't underestimate fear. If feasible use fear for marketing, because people are more likely to purchase out of fear and helplessness. For example, buying an alarm system out of fear of burglary.

“Incorporating emotion into web or Facebook content strategy provides an incentive for visitors to convey your content to family, friends, and associates.”

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