Three ways to improve your Technical SEO

3 Ways to Get Your Technical SEO In-Shape

There are a few Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to utilize to make sure that your site isn't bypassed by the major search engines. One major problem is that people exchange links with too many sites and these aren't genuine links that are natural. The search engines see the excessive amount of outbound links and view your site as nothing more than a link exchange and all of those inbound links are ignored and you aren't placed highly. Another big problem is if your site has links that are broken and don't link properly. A third big problem is if your site has a bunch of content which is repetitive. Search engines view you as spamming content and ignore it. If most of the links directed towards your site use the exact same few amounts of keywords the search engines will recognize that and lower your rating.

Key Takeaways:

Search engines look at back-end aspects of a website when determining rank.

A technical SEO audit is important, not just after incurring penalties but to prevent them as well.

Be familiar with some important technical SEO terms namely; duplicate content, broken links, inbound links, anchor text.

“Most of the time, site owners don’t even realize that this duplication is happening since it’s something that originates from how the site was set up during the web development process. It doesn’t affect the usability of the site and visitors probably don’t even notice it, but the search spiders do.”

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