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5 Common WordPress Duplicate Content Issues & How to Fix Them

WordPress has helped many people start businesses, both big and small, but with more content comes more duplication. Here are five common WordPress duplication issues and innovative ways to solve them. Tags, categories, competing topics, search box URLs, and miscellaneous issues are all duplication issues on WordPress. From simply tagging articles that create similar content to a lack of unique content, to ineffective search box URLs, these issues can negatively impact your ability to conduct media business online. This article offers solutions to these unique WordPress problems, many very simple.

Key Takeaways:

WordPress has many plusses that make it such a hit with online content creators, including plugins for nearly every possible need.

However, because WordPress makes publishing such a breeze, it also at times has an issue with ranking, specifically, it doesn't.

When a WordPress site fails to rank it's often due to what the browser interprets as duplication of content, even if the pages are just similar, rather then encoded exactly alike.

“If you have 20 recipes for chocolate chip cookies, chances are many of them are using similar wording and ingredients, which is what could be creating competition.”

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