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The Truth About Content Syndication and Duplicate Content

If your company can write and publish good online content, the next step is to attract readers to your site and make them loyal. Effective content marketing requires you to distribute your content offsite so that you reach readers and lead them to your site. An efficient method is content syndication: first you publish your content on your site and then request another site to republish it. Google ranks duplicate content, so your less high traffic site will likely rank below the established site where you syndicated your content and you will not be able to collect visitor information from the site. However, you will be getting your content seen, which is necessary to build readership. Be sure that your syndicated content includes an attribution and a link back to your site.

Key Takeaways:

Duplicate content is under review from several important sources. That could determine whether Google continues to penalize that content.

Content syndication has been used to create websites in the past. The future of web development may depend on a few simple techniques used.

Not all content syndication will end with the same result. Duplicate content is now being made available for leaders to use.

“It takes time to build an audience: you need to attract them to your site, which they’ve likely never heard of, and convert them into loyal readers, so they come back and tell their friends – and eventually turn into customers, which is the whole goal of content marketing.”

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