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5 Huge Warning Signs of a Bad SEO or Digital Marketing Agency

Social media marketing is more important than most understand. If you don't successfully market yourself on all front's, you could fail. There are tips to avoid bad marketing agencies. Most people who are in any sort of personally owned, or corporately owned company, need to see for themselves. Social media can make many failing companies, big or small successful.

Key Takeaways:

  • The rise of SEO has led to a commensurate rise in the digital marketing industry.
  • Google policies shift every so often, so maintaining good SEO can be challenging to keep up with.
  • Prior to investing in SEO for your business, read reviews and gather data about the firm offering its services.

  • “Even though good SEO brings the right amount of traffic on your site, it is not easy to provide an estimate of the traffic that will end on your website.”

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