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5 Mobile-Friendly Hacks For Ranking Success

There are five mobile friendly hacks that allow you to rank success. Having a responsive website design is one of the first things that you can do. This will allow your site to tweak right away. That will give users a very great experience, no matter what kind of device they are using. Google has made it very simple for different businesses to display mobile content to make mobile users very happy. AMP will speed up the loading time.

Key Takeaways:

If you are developing your website, be sure you are using a responsive website design.

When it comes to providing a powerful mobile user experience, you need to be using a viewport meta-tag.

Also, Using high-resolution images is essential in providing an optimal mobile user experience.

“Google’s mobile-first index came into full effect this July, making it more important than ever for websites to have a mobile-friendly site. The catalyst for this change in Google’s algorithm marks the rise of mobile search traffic, which is two times more than traffic coming from desktops.”

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