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Nine Easy Hacks To Increase Your Google Ranking

We see the word HACK thrown around a lot to describe what, in short, is actually just a workaround or cheat to make something easier in our day to day lives. This is not to say that the word HACK is actually a misnomer. No. Instead, it is actually a properly used term. These nine ‘HACKS' can really help your site, brand, or name seen more frequently on the first page of Google searches.

Key Takeaways:

By having a fast loading site it helps you and the consumer for accessing your website.

Limit the content and words per page in order to allow the consumer to digest it properly.

Have the website be compatible with mobile and also use microsites this will allow for a greater reach to an audience.

“clever way to develop new content when you’re running out of ways to say the same thing is to recycle old content with new paragraphs and multimedia – anything that can update the old source is favourable.”

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