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5 Tips to Ensure Visitors Trust Your Website

It is very important that visitors trust the security of your website. There are five key ways in which one can make one's website appear safe. The first is to use SSL or HTTPS – two protocols that increase the security of a URL. The second is to create a high-quality design to make the website look professional. You can also add a seal to the website to make it obvious you have thought about security. Another option is to provide reviews and testimonials about your website. Finally, it helps a great deal to publish a privacy policy.

Key Takeaways:

Your website design needs to look like a million bucks. That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but a high-quality professional design is much more trustworthy than a website that's incomplete.

Combined, SSL and HTTPS show website visitors that your content is trustworthy and that the owner of the website is a credible and authentic entity.

When it comes to adding seals to your website design, go beyond security and add seals for professional accreditations or affiliations as well.

“The biggest buzzwords in website design might be SSL and HTTPS. (Mostly because certain website browsers have said they will begin to flag sites without security features as potentially unsafe.)”

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