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10 Website Go-Live Tips to Ensure a Smooth Launch

These are tips for launching your website. They will help you make sure it goes smoothly. If you are making a business website you want it to go well because that is probably how many customers will interact with you. A lot of business is done online these days so a good website is important. A bad site can turn customers off so they don't want to use your company. They may view you as unprofessional.

Key Takeaways:

Follow a process when launching a new website – it will help you with project development and marketing.

Make sure that the site works properly through testing and set up of redirects and back ups prior to launch.

Promote the website so that it gets the traffic you planned for.

“Your team has poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears (well, hopefully not blood) into this new site, so show off your hard work!”

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