Launch Your First LinkedIn Ads Campaign

6 Steps to Launch Your First LinkedIn Ads Campaign

There are six different steps to launch your very first LinkedIn campaign. If you currently have a job, then you should definitely have a LinkedIn page too. You should also be on there if you own your own business. LinkedIn is a great new place to find leads and with millions of users, it is a great place to generate plenty of important leads. Making your profile shine is the first step to launching your ads campaign.

Key Takeaways:

If you have a job or business you should be on Linkedin to give you the ability to have free self-promotion in a sense.

Over 560 million users are on Linkedin thus allowing you to reach a wide array of people all over the world.

Make your Linkedin profile and ad campaign visually appealing. This way you can grab people and gander their attention to stop and check your profile or ad out.

“When boosting your first piece of content, I recommend Website Visits. You really want to get people to your website where they can learn more about you.”

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