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7 Pieces of Advice In Selecting The Right Website Images

People are visual creatures. Selecting content appropriate visual aids to go along with the text of a website is paramount to it's success. If the website is mostly text people are more likely to skip it or only read bits and pieces of the content. Good quality pictures that compliment the text will increase the level of attention people pay to the website. People prefer actual photos over stock pictures, and will be more likely to trust a website with candid photos. When choosing the pictures to use they should showcase the product, service, or employees. This helps build trust with the customer. Photos can evoke an emotional response with the customer which can help form trust. Any new website design should be tested, and the website should occasionally be updated to keep customers interested.

Key Takeaways:

Images can make a website something special for anyone browsing. Take some advice before selecting the right website images.

Look for quality when choosing a few different website images. High and low quality images are sometimes designated with a description too.

Originality counts for smart web page design online too. Look for artistic images and those that feature people for the role.

“You should choose images that go well with your mission – let images speak for you.”

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