Things Successful Marketers Do With Original Research

7 Things Successful Marketers Do With Original Research

There are 7 successful things that marketers do with their original research. Prioritizing all of the different steps is a great way to go about doing it. Measuring meaningful metrics is one of the successful things that can be done. Writing story worthy survey questions is another great idea. You can also utilize the surveyed tech that is out there to inject rigor into the data. Also using social media to gain partnerships is a great idea.

Key Takeaways:

Media mentions are good and should be used as a priority for people.

One way to get media attention is to put up newsworthy stories.

If you have a high-level view of perspective, then that can assist you.

“While social shares are important for some businesses (and they are easy to measure), my recommendation is to prioritize another metric such as media mentions, backlinks, leads, or subscribers – they likely have more of an impact on your program.”

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