Boost Donations on PayPal For Nonprofits

PayPal for nonprofits: Boost donations and streamline giving

There are ways to boost donations and streamline giving when it comes to PayPal for nonprofits. Nonprofits need a lot of money from all ages and backgrounds in order to optimize their growth. Technology is helping out a lot of the nonprofits in existence. A lot of nonprofits are stuck using the very old methods of donor acquisition. All organizations are trying to stay afloat in an environment that is constantly changing and making new challenges.

Key Takeaways:

Non-profits have limited IT/tech reach, for today's global reach, PayPal closes the gap for those organizations that cannot fund employees to expand the contributions within the global arena.

PayPal offers non-profits a customizable and easy solution to integrating donations into its existing websites through JotForms with fully customizable donate buttons, discounted fees, quick payments.

JotForm, with PayPal, creates easy-to-read and retrieve stats, account reconciling and data-tracking to make it the perfect addition to non-profit donation methods.

“All organizations, both for-profit and nonprofit, are facing the challenge of staying relevant and financially solvent in an environment of rapid change.”

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