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9 Magic Words that Increase Donations for Nonprofits

There are 9 magic words that will increase the donations for the nonprofits out there. Fundraising is a very tough thing for people. Each fundraiser will have its very own challenges that people need to overcome. People giving to people is something that naturally happens because of the good nature of humans. People give to others in order to save lives. People are the basis for every single fundraising campaign that has ever happened then and now.

Key Takeaways:

People will give to people more often than a general campaign getting consumers to realize humanity.

Utilizing yourself and giving a meaningful reason will relate to the person giving and likely get a better return.

Make changes to the phrases used to ask your audience and be sure to test it out so you can get better results.

“People don’t donate to faceless organizations or buildings. They give to change lives and save lives, and because someone asked them to.”

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