Ethical Fundraising

16 Practical Photography Tips For Ethical Fundraising

There are 16 very practical photography tips for ethical fundraising programs to exist. If you choose the best photos for your fundraising effort, then donors will be helped in appreciating and understanding your work. It will help them connect with it as well. The photos we see out there in cyberspace help us connect and understand each other better. Good images are important because people tend to only spend a few minutes on a website before leaving.

Key Takeaways:

Text with images is about twice as likely to get views, and people will retain much more information from text with images than from text alone.

Use images that capture your organization's story and express the meaning of your work through pictures.

Share at least several photos instead of just one because crowdfunding pages with more photos raise significantly more money.

“Choosing the best photos for your fundraising efforts will help your donors understand, appreciate, remember, and connect with your work.”

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