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7 Easy Tips for NonProfits to Boost Year-End Fundraising

There are 7 very easy tips for nonprofits that will help to boost year-end fundraising. Budgets are a very challenging aspect of running a nonprofit. The first tip that will help the year-end fundraising is showing popups at the right time. 70 percent of the people that go onto your website will never go back to it. Another good tip you will want to follow is to show the popups to the right crowd of people.

Key Takeaways:

Budgets are one of the hardest parts of running a nonprofit organization.

Showing pop-ups at the right time is a great way to boost year-end fundraising.

Showing the popups to the right people is essential because the better you know your customers, the better your nonprofit does.

“There’s no way of opting out, no close button, and you can’t get out by clicking anywhere else!”


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