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8 Ways to Use Instagram for Business

Instagram is a fantastic promotional platform for local businesses but sometimes it’s easy to get stuck coming up with content ideas.

Here’s a quick list of content ideas for your business:

1. Show Your Products / Services

A great way to use Instagram is to show off your products. Perhaps it's a collection of products or services you offer. Share a photo or video or a new or lesser-known product. Zoom in on a product and engage your Instagram Followers by asking them to guess what it is.

2. Show How It’s Made

Let your followers in on the origins if their favorite products with snapshots taken at various points in the manufacturing process. If that process is a long one, you might consider making it a multi-part post that follows the process from planning to production to delivery. (Carousel Posts are fantastic for this!)

3. Go Behind The Scenes

Use moments that very few people get to experience in real life. Think of Instagram as a way to give all of your followers an exclusive backstage pass!

4. Show What Your Products Can Do

Sometimes our imagination only takes us so far. Use Instagram to create demand by helping consumers imagine new or novel uses for what you offer.

5. Show Off The Office & Employees

Post photos that provide a glimpse of a day-in-the-life at office work areas, the corporate gym or playfield, brainstorming meetings in progress, training sessions, employees at lunch, employees at play, company culture…the opportunities are countless.

6. Take Your Customers With You

Going to a trade show or sponsoring an event? Use that as an opportunity to take your Instagram followers with you wherever you’re going.

7. Share Quotes & Inspiration

People search for positive and uplifting thoughts and photos. Try to share unique photos and thoughts and avoid ones that are being overused. This is another way to build relationships with your followers and help them learn more about your business.

8. Competition

Use competitions to gain new followers and customers. They are also a great way to get consumers with your brand and share your content with their friends.

The next thing to do is get started. Start taking those pics and videos. Publish and publish often! Your followers will love you!

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