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A Simple Three-Point Checklist for Documenting Your B2B Content Strategy Right Now

Documenting a B2B content strategy is essential to your success and these simple steps can help you get the job done! Move past procrastination and the confusion of an unorganized marketing campaign. Understand the two psychological factors that drive why documentation yields better results for your team. Discover how a customer's buying behavior forms the framework for your content strategy plan. Check your plan against checklists, tips, and suggestions to ensure your strategy is sound.

Key Takeaways:

For good B2B marketing try discovering who your target audience is.

Focus on getting your content into the hands of your target audience. Another term for this is consumer consumption.

Develop a plan of action. This should include key items like benchmarks, conversion rates, and maintaining success.

“When you’re trying to keep numerous individuals aligned around the same vision, it’s essential to have a single source of truth that’s accessible to everyone.”

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