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Best practices of making a nonprofit website

At a time when influencers and brands are competing for audience attention, nonprofit companies are turning to web-based storytelling to achieve their goals. The best way to do this is to determine which goals the nonprofit website should help to achieve, whether that's raising awareness, spreading ideas, gathering donations or all of the above. There are several website platforms, one example is WordPress, who offer templates that are easy to create for a beginner. Lastly, a nonprofit's website should be styled appropriately for their mission with regards to color scheme, images, and fonts.

Key Takeaways:

Creating an effective website for a nonprofit does not need to be difficult or complicated; a sleek website with ample information about your cause can be very effective.

In order to have a compelling website, ensure to use colors, texts, and photos that represent the business in an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Ensure that your nonprofit has clear transparency so that potential donors will feel comfortable giving to your organization

“Create in-depth content that answers readers’ questions, and makes sure that you have strong title tags and meta descriptions for your pages.”

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