PPC Attribution Modeling

The big problem with PPC attribution modeling no one is talking about

PPC is a sector that not much discussion is happening in, while still being very important to many companies. PPC attribution tells us where or ad dollars, etc. are leading to sales. Something most businesses with ad dollars would like to know. However, PPC Attribution Modeling Systems are difficult to compare because of what seems like an apples and oranges problem. Put simply, the models count or score items differently and so it is difficult to compare the systems.

Key Takeaways:

It's hard to know if an advertiser is getting bang for their buck because there are so many places to advertise now.

e-revenue advertising is extremely tricky. Many factors go into deciding what revenue is, e-revenue advertising can be a nightmare.

You can't treat every transaction on the marketplace the same so any model of advertising is not perfect, deciding how to advertise is hard.

“Treating every transaction the same will eventually lead you to allocate the completely wrong value to the touch points in your customer journey.”

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