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If your business website loads slowly, you may lose out on traffic from Facebook – TechRepublic

One of the most important aspects of a properly developed website is the speed at which the various pages load. Understanding that consumer behavior and attention span tends to be short in the digital age, it is crucial for webpages to load swiftly in order to provide customers the insight they are looking for. Implementing various tips can ensure that traffic attained from an array of channels, including social media, is funneled and utilized properly as it comes in.

Key Takeaways:

Slow loading pages are frustrating to users and they would like a change.

Facebook will begin working on load times so businesses can offer a better experience.

Updates will take months to improve but in the meantime businesses should meet with their development team.

“In order to not miss out on referral traffic from Facebook, business leaders should meet with their web development team to discuss a strategy to optimize page load time.”

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