Create A Nonprofit Social Media Calendar

Create a Nonprofit Social Media Calendar [Template]

If you need to stay active on social media and don't have the time then look into a social media calendar. This enables you to post prewritten updates to your profile and or page. Whether it's Facebook or Twitter you are now able to set your calendar to be in touch on those busy or forgetful days. Just sit back and let the calendar do the rest of the work for you.

Key Takeaways:

A social media calendar allows you to plan social media posts in advance. It’ll help you plan when to share content, as well as what to share when you do.

All of your posts cannot be about fundraising, nor should you shy away from promoting that year-end fundraising campaign.

Revisit the calendar on a regular basis to ensure a good balance and that you’re peppering in those non-promotional posts to build stronger, more positive relationships with your followers.

“The whole point of a social media calendar is to use it on a regular basis to post on your channels consistently and strategically.”

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