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Social Media for Nonprofits: How to Make an Impact with Little Budget

Social media can be a great resource to both get your message out there as well as recruit like-minded people. Since social media postings are not usually very in-depth it can easily be grasped with little effort. Deciding the who, what, where, why questions can be a good starting point for any non-profit. Making sure you are cross-referencing different media platforms, like using hashtags, keeping active on your sites and providing interaction you can use social media to grow your platform.

Key Takeaways:

If you lack resources, then that can lead to the overall dwindling success of a non-profit.

It can be hard to reach the audience you want if you do not have funding.

There are going to be over 2 billion people on social media in 2019.

“According to data by HubSpot, the main priorities of social media marketers at nonprofits want to fundraise, generate brand awareness, recruit volunteers or share news.”

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