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Seven reasons why your rankings dropped and how to fix them

There are several reasons why your site ranking may drop in search results despite SEO. For instance, Google may be doing an algorithm test, in which case your rankings will shortly be restored. If, however, it's a more long-lasting problem, it may be the fault of technical issues such as server overload. It may also be that the keywords used for SEO need to be updated or revised. Finally, outdated content and poor user experience may have tanked your ranking. In order to get things back on track quickly, it is important to frequently check your search result rankings.

Key Takeaways:

There are seven different reasons why your rankings have dropped and there are ways to fix them as well.

There is a not a one size fits all description when it comes to search engine optimization.

Technical SEO has an impact on how search robots crawl as well as index the content of your site.

“If your content isn’t fresh and up-to-date anymore, people won’t stay long on your site.”

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