Google Ad Grants And Non-profit Business

12 Things Non-Profits Need to Know About Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants can provide non-profits with Google business tools and advertising valued at $10,000 per month. These Google Grant nonprofit ads will be shown to people searching for relevant terms, and you can shape the campaigns appropriately for your audience and goals. All that is required is registering with your local TechSoup Partner and completing a form with attached proof of nonprofit status. Using Google Ads with appropriate keywords can build your engaged constituency if you are willing to make the effort to set them up and care for them appropriately.

Key Takeaways:

Your ads will appear in the results of Google when people search a certain term.

All charities are actually eligible to get the Google grants that are offered.

Google Ads consistently drive the most engaged of all of the acquisition channels.

“Google Ads have consistently driven the most engaged and valuable traffic of all acquisition channels.”

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