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Best Free Form Builder Plugins WordPress 2019

This is a ranking of the top 6 free WordPress plugins. Most plugins charge you when they upgrade or for any feature upgrades. We have focused on truly free plugins. Amongst them are Forminator; Caldera Forms; Ninja Forms; Formidable (Lite); Contact Form 7; And WP Forms (Lite). Out of all of these, Forminator is the WordPress plugin option with the largest amount of included features, this includes premium features. Overall it was given a little over 4 out of 5 stars.

Key Takeaways:

Forminator is the best plugin for WordPress and it has most free features.

Caldera Forms also has many premium features for free, including calculations, payfast, and a color picker.

Ninja Forms is midline performing as a free plugin, but the most expensive as a premium.

“Forminator gives away valuable time-saving and money-saving features for nothing. Nada.”

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