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Free Social Media Scheduling Tools for Nonprofits

There are some free social media scheduling tools for nonprofits. Hootsuite is one of these tools and it works great. You can manage up to three social media profiles with this tool and also send a lot of different messages to people all at one time. The buffer is another good one that lets you connect three profiles and you can schedule up to 30 posts at one time. Airtable is a great tool for collaborating with others.

Key Takeaways:

Hootsuite (free) is able to manage 3 social media accounts, messaging, and posting through a single platform.

Buffer (free) is the streamlined version of Hootsuite, but only lets you schedule and view your posts.

Airtable allows you to plan and collaborate content with other creators to create unique posts.

“It’s like magic, an interactive spreadsheet that can act as a hub for all your social media needs. Before you schedule your posts, you can use their Social Media Planning and Design template to organize your content.”

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